More Geelong Businesses Are Using Virtual Offices

As the way we do business has evolved, so has our need for business support

While once upon a time most businesses owners had a secretary or administration assistant sitting by their elbow – nowadays business operators are more likely to choose virtual office services.

Why virtual offices and virtual assistants Geelong? Because many business owners are looking for flexibility and either run their business from home or work off-site in cafes or Geelong serviced offices. Also, Geelong virtual assistants mean small business can avoid the financial commitment of employing permanent staff.

Providing Geelong virtual office services is not new to PACE Business Services. For many many years PACE Business Services has provided off-site virtual assistant services – a long time before virtual administration services became popular.

Our most popular virtual office Geelong would be our virtual answering service – where clients divert their phone to PACE Secretarial to be answered by a Geelong virtual assistant who uses a prepared script. The result is that the person calling would have no idea that your phone is being answered by a virtual receptionist.

Our virtual receptionist is just one of the virtual office solutions provided by PACE Business Services. Why not go to our virtual offices page and see which of our virtual services can help you grow your business to the next level.